Adversity has the power to break you

But the flip side, it can also make you

Adversity can mask your goal

But it can also bare your soul.


Adversity can bend your will

Test your spirit every day until

You live your life outside the zone

It’s down to you, and you alone.


Adversity will bring you rain

But that’s not all, it will bring you pain

The wind might blow you off your course

So can you master nature’s force?


Adversity’s a hoolie, it’s scary stuff

Twenty’s plenty, thirty’s enough

Ride behind the hedge but watch that gate

The roaring wind can seal your fate.


Adversity is invariably cold

And the medal it brings isn’t gold

It’s down to you to take it on

Twenty seven or number one?


Adversity, it numbs your toes

Fingers too, it’s way it goes

Two layers here and three layers there

Fuck the weather, be aware.


Adversity’s dark, it hides the way

4am to start the day

The streets are bare, not a soul about

So back yourself and have no doubt.


Adversity’s winter’s solstice child

Badly mannered, never mild

It’s up to you, wheely man

Turn those pedals while you can.


Adversity’s a cancer on feeling good

It’ll smash your spirit if only it could

The door is open, you have a choice

Be silent today, or raise your voice.


Adversity lurks in every street

Potholes, speed bumps, whatever you meet

Be aware, be sure and concentrate

Push yersel’, master your fate.


Adversity’s the farmer and his effin’ hedge

That’s no’ thorn it’s a bleedin’ wedge

Pick your line and trust your luck

If you hear a hiss, there’s always fuck!


Adversity’s often a double white line

And a motor cutting it oh so fine

Why can’t you wait, it’s my life

Wait fifteen seconds and I’ll still have a wife.


Adversity’s an injury thing

A niggle here, a pain that stings

But who’s giving up, you or me

I still ride when I’m not pain free.


Adversity thinks it’s got you beat

Another shit day of rain and sleet

Meet it head on, it’s the only way

And live to fight another day.


Adversity’s a bastard that’ll steal your dream

It’s down to you, there’s no I in team

If you can’t do it, no one can

You’re Riding2Cure, the cycling man.

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