The Flag

The original image that became the LCFN flag
Jimmy Harrington and Anna Meares in Anna’s own backyard: the Anna Meares Velodrome in Adelaide. Dec 2014
At Yorkhill with Vanessa at the end of Cycling Santas in Dec 2014
On location at Puddles’ second home in Michigan, USA.
The flag live on air with JJ at PBA FM In Adelaide
Some absolute legends with the flag on location in Adelaide
Carrbridge. February 2016
At the Adelaide Oval at the end of Ride2Cure
There are many messages on the flag, but this one is very special. From Amelie, aka Frank Loves Joan
Christmas in Adelaide. December 2014.
Tara and some bloke called Bradman at the Adelaide Oval in December 2014.
Angela signs up…
At Birmingham New St after closing time.
Bumped into Mouldy at Central. As you do…
With author and broadcaster Theresa Talbot at her book launch in October 2015
Stuart Cosgrove and Theresa Talbot at the BBC.
The Admiral Bar: December 2015
Steve Smith, British record holder for the High Jump.
Love it when we ask random folk to sign the flag…
Some of the guys from the Norwood Aussie Rules team. Tara gategrashed their training session with the flag!
Something of a rarity: both flags at HQ in February 2016.
The Neu Camp.
Barca. July 2016
At Kev’s 50th. John and Gail.
$2500 remains the single biggest donation to date: from SPX. And these are the girls who made it happen. Fabiana and Anna.
When Anna and Krys took the flag home to Poland for Christmas.
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