Ode To Joy (Puddles Remix)

We first met in the Curlers’ Rest

In the posh west end of toon

Subdued but ever smiling

Pained but never doon.

Cavorting on her papa’s back

Getting carried round the bar

Twas a journey I never realised

Would take us oh so far.

Three months passed

Then I learned

She needed money to board a plane

Send for Mouldy, Kev n Rob

We’re going psychalling again.

Fae Forres and the Mechies ground

To Sneckie and the game

Rattling her own wee bucket, lass

Collecting money all the same.

She got on that plane,

We nearly met

In Newark, New York City

But our flights missed out by a single day

Wee Eileidh sitting pretty.

To Michie, several times she went

We met on each return

Glasgow Airport, 7am

Coffee and hugs fae the bairn.

Scribbling on the landmark flag,

At Celtic Park and more

Her hand is on there multi times

Possibly three or four.

The Puddles brand was born that day

It hailed on the Celtic Way

Then the sun came out and Eileidh danced

In the puddles come what may.

Anna took the flag to Poland

And came back with a bear

Eileidh put it on her head

Grinning, despite being sair.

In Straya, a spirit was kindled

A passion burning fire

Puddles, a song so beautiful

To lift our spirits higher.

We last met up in Autumn

She was in fantastic form

Dixon appeared, her magic cat

Cuddles in the storm.

We know that these are dark, dark days

But nothing will deter

The love that we all feel for Puds

Praying for a miracle cure.

Go Gold, we say

Go Gold for she

The one who always smiles

To her I dedicate every day

Through the storms and all those miles.

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