The A77 : My Personal Highway To Hell

Only semi wild: the run past East Renfrewshire Golf Club
Down the dump
The start of the wild home run over the Fenwick Muir
The infamous A77 Red House
The dreaded Red House hill: always into the wind and rain, in the dark, in winter
Eagleham Moor road end on a home run
Fast and furious to Fenwick
Galston road end
Freezing fog near Fenwick: a default winter setting.
Ice approaching Eaglesham Moor road end at 6am
6am: -6C
A typical home run in January: at Floak
When the mist had cleared…
A snow commute…
An eerie Eaglesham Moor road end morning
The Eaglesham Moor road end junction: a classic winter’s tale
WTF? Parked, unlit, in the dark, in the bike lane, awaiting the unwary doing 25mph downhill
Parked in the feckin bike lane!!!
Came across this lady who’d come a cropper trying to pass this fecker parked in the bike lane at Floak.

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