The Roads

The Billy Bowie Hill out of Stewarton. 5:15am every morning on LCFN.
The Billy Bowie Hill in winter.
The Billy Bowie Hill and the bends. Not for the faint hearted on a winter’s home run in the dark.
The long Cutstraw straight on the way out of Stewarton to the A77 at the Fenwick Muir
The long Cutstraw straight beneath the Damhead climb
Up the Clunch after leaving the A77 by Fenwick
Further up the Clunch. And still climbing…
Wee Puddles on the back road from Torranyard to Lawthorn, near Irvine.
Big Puddles on the back road out of Kilmaurs to Chapeltoun.
Fun in the dark: the Irvine-Killie bike path at Dreghorn.
The back road over the hill from Uplawmoor to Neilston: a bit of a climb.
Up, up and away…
Shit happens!
You call that a road?
Now there’s a climb! It took me 70 minutes of solid climbing to scale the Bealach Na Ba pass.
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