No Regrets

One of the recurring themes for me on this epic journey is No Regrets: never come out of a day, a week or a month, thinking “what if I’d done x, y and z”. There’s no place or time on this project for anything other than “get the job done: today really matters”.

In the week, I re-read Into The Groove, the blog piece I wrote before going back to work at New Year. Looking back, that was a period of great trepidation: two weeks off the bike, two weeks of not getting up at the back of five, indeed two weeks of getting up in daylight, and suddenly there I was being thrust back into the deep cold of winter. In all honesty I really didn’t fancy it and I know I didn’t fancy it.

But Into The Groove had a goal: 555 miles to get me to 3,000 LifeCycle miles by the end of January. I’ve come to realise that it’s only by breaking this epic down into small stages that I can manage it. I can’t finish it today, this week, or this month, but I can certainly end it by not being physically and mentally strong enough. Time is not important. The only currency that matters is having the strength to stick in there…

Just like a child who is fighting Neuroblastoma.

So back to that goal of 555 miles. It was just a target, something to aim for to get me through the month till daylight returned at the end of each day…

But let me say this: January was unbelievable. January was fantastic.  I actually hated the third week but when LifeCycle is done and dusted, January 2014 will go down as the month that finally convinced me that this is achievable.


For 555, read 644. I could not have done one more mile.


There weren’t any more to do!

Maximum miles every day, into work and out again, soakings by the bucket load and freezings every other day: it honestly didn’t matter. Two, sometimes three pairs of gloves, four under layers, two pairs of socks plus overshoes: a waterproof balaclava… January was the month when I realised that all I have to do to deliver this baby is keep doing what I’m doing. 180 miles in week 1 were followed by 144 miles in week 2. 180 miles in week 3 were followed by another 144 in week 4. 36 miles every working day without missing one. Rota Fridays were never as blissful: Recovery Fridays indeed.

But why do maximum miles matter?

Because a child who is fighting Neuroblastoma can’t afford to miss one treatment either, so I have no right to cop out because it’s a wee bit wet or a wee bit cold. It’s not in the script. Just stick another layer on and get out there…


And have no regrets…

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