LifeCycling – The Movement

New year is always a good time to look forward with optimism and believe that nice things might happen, even if they ultimately don’t quite turn out the way you’d envisaged. Hope springs eternal when the nights are starting to draw out and you can start to contemplate light at the end of the long dark tunnel that is winter. But something tells me winter isn’t done by a long way and that there’s plenty of time left yet for it to turn round and bite us all on the bum. But I’ve had a quick swatch at Windguru and it isn’t going to be this coming week so that means we might actually make it to the end of January without so much as a flake of angry snow. Joyus maximus!

Anyway, back to this week, and those positive thoughts. You see I wondered, in a rare moment of inspiration, whether LifeCycle is actually more than a bike ride from Stewarton to Glasgow and back. I started to contemplate whether LifeCycle is actually movement of commuting cyclists joined by a common objective: to support research into Neuroblastoma.

Think about it. Why shouldn’t  the LifeCycle  JustGiving page be a group site where we all come together in one mass sponsorship deal? I’m perfectly happy  to be a solo LifeCyclist but I’m sure there are hundreds, if not thousands of people like me up and down the country who would be proud to think of themselves as LifeCyclists: many riders with a common goal. Maybe I’m being over simplistic but it seems to me like a no brainer: if you already cycle to work, then get your family and friends to chuck some loose change into a pot for you every week. 1%, 2% or 3% of something is better than 3% of nothing. The way business works, in terms of you scratch my back and I’ll give you some of my PR, I’m sure we could source some must have cycling gear bearing the NCCA logo with the LIFECYCLE banner woven into the fabric.

I think it’s time to get the message out there and seek some support.

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