The People

Cake man!
Me and my wing man: the legendary Paul Gablonski, overlooking Brisbane ahead of Ride2Cure.
“About A Girl” Amelie’s wonderful tribute to Princess Puddles
Hello at long last. Amelie and the R2C man.
Amelie, aka Frank Loves Joan, performing live at the end of Ride2Cure in Adelaide
Team #FrankLovesJoan : Amelie’s family (and Ben, who’s really extended family) at the post Ride2Cure gig in Adelaide.
With big Mouldy on the boat to Belfast in December 2014.
Cycling Santa in Belfast in December 2014: with Stephen and Leona.
Two days before she was crowned Princess Puddles. Eileidh at Forres Mechanics FC in May 2015.
The moment a legend was created: Princess Puddles at Celtic Park: May 2015.
Puddles arriving back in Glasgow after another trip to the States for treatment. 6:30am Sunday morning.
Princess Puddles at the Floral Garden in Inverness in November 2016: marking 20,000 LCFN miles.
Princess Puddles and the Flag at the Floral Garden: November 2016
Mouldy, Puddles et moi at the Floral Garden: November 2016.
Author and broadcaster Theresa Talbot at her book launch in October 2015.
JJ at Notts
Twas he who put me up to this all those years ago: Jim McGinley, aka BRTH
Laura and the Princess. Love at first sight in November 2016.
Team Fisher!
Snuffs McShuggy and that mystery present: December 2015
My mechanic: Neil Kinnaird, hard at work fixing another LCFN problem at Fast Rider Cycles.
John and Gail at Kev’s 50th. Ex-Cumberanauld AAC.
$2500 remains the single biggest donation to date: from SPX. And these are the girls who made it happen. Fabiana and Anna.

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