Ride2Cure Neuroblastoma

This is the true story of a bike ride that began with a bus pass.

It’s a trilogy of pain: the Lord Of The Chain Rings.

Part 1            LifeCycleForNeuroblastoma (2013-2017)

Part 2            Ride2Cure (2018)

Part 3            Ride2Cure2 (2019 and beyond)

The whole journey has been a fundraiser for research into neuroblastoma, an aggressive cancer of the nervous system in young children.

In the UK, where the journey started, a hundred kids a year are diagnosed with the disease, and half of them die before treatment has finished. Of those that survive, the relapse rate is high, and the long term health impact is significant.

In the UK, Ride2Cure Neuroblastoma supports Solving Kids Cancer, who in turn support clinical research into new forms of treatment.

In Australia, Ride2Cure Neuroblastoma supports Neuroblastoma Australia, who in turn support the Children’s Cancer Institute in Sydney where cutting edge laboratory research is leading the world in discovering new forms of treatment.

Solving Kids Cancer and Neuroblastoma Australia are complimentary charities in terms of the support they provide, and Ride2Cure Neuroblastoma is proud to be supporting both of them in the search for a cure.

You can lend your support here:



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